All CROs say they are focused on data quality. Clinical trials present conflicting objectives, however, when CROs are faced with running compliant on-time studies while also providing the highest quality endpoint data possible. Too many trials become doomed by bad or inconsistent data.


Sponsors need an independent partner focused solely on the clinical endpoints. PES is built to ensure that your pipeline assets are given the fairest opportunity to demonstrate efficacy. You shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Results & Risks

There is too much at risk when you rely solely on a contract research organization (CRO) to independently run and manage your clinical trial. When you partner with PES, you are assured that your clinical trial has the best chance of success.

CRO Only

Potential for missing data, uninterpretable data, & inconsistent data


Partnering with PES & CRO

Complete subject datasets, analyzable and interpretable

Although most CROs are well-equipped to successfully run a clinical trial, they lack the independent thoroughness and indication expertise that PES provides.

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PES’s integrated services eliminate inconsistent and incomplete trial data, ensuring that the selection, capture, accuracy, and analysis of endpoints is optimized.

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