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Your pipeline assets are precious. Yet many clinical trials fail because of inconsistent and incomplete data.


Who is watching your incoming data and protecting your study endpoints?


If you plan on using a contract research organization (CRO), PES is the independent partner that will assess and validate the endpoint data quality (EdQ™) of all of your reported data in real time. This is not the function of your CRO. It shouldn’t be. Your CRO should be focused on the things it does well: accrual, regulatory & protocol compliance, and clinical trial management.

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Laying the foundation for a successful clinical trial
clinical trial web-based training
Tools and Training
real-time EdQ
Real-time EdQ™
clinical trial data accuracy
Centralized Scoring
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Genomics & Biomarkers


PES is built to foster the highest possible endpoint data quality (EdQ™), taking every measure to ensure that your pipeline assets are given the fairest opportunity to demonstrate efficacy.

Endpoint Selection

Real-time Data Review

Customized, Web-based Training

Genomics & Biomarker Support

Centralized Scoring

Data Accuracy and Correction

Assessing Efficacy

Study Metrics

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PES’s integrated services eliminate inconsistent and incomplete trial data, ensuring that the selection, capture, accuracy, and analysis of endpoints is optimized.

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